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Find Mates on the 1st Friendship App for Men

BOB • Connect. Engage. Belong.

Why  ?


Connect with mates nearby who are at a similar stage of life with shared interests


Engage in discussions and find topics that resonate with you.


Belong within the BOB community; Join and create events with us.

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On your doorstep

Let BOB connect you with like minded mates who share your interests and get you.

For your interests

Nothing is too niche! Come and explore your interests within the BOB community.

Your personal vibe

With BOB, you're in control of our community. We'll simply suggest the mates, the groups and the events. The rest is on your terms!

To inspire men to build a network that enriches lives, through genuine male friendships and shared experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the 1st friendship app for men, we can imagine you’ve got a lot of questions. Find the answers here, and for anything else, feel free to reach out.  Contact Us (

Just to be clear, BOB isn’t a dating app, right?

Correct, BOB isn’t a dating app. It’s a community where men can find and build platonic friendships with like-minded guys in their area.

Why is the app for men only?

There are loads of friendship apps out there. Most of them catering towards women. That’s why we created BOB – a new platform for men, with new rules, that fosters the kinds of friendships that men need in the world right now.

How will you find me new mates?

Its simple: You tell us what you’re into, and we personalise your experience within the BOB community.

Is it free to join?

For men who should already be mates

The Time is Now!

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